The Block NZ – Season 8

The Block NZ is the first local version of an international hit renovation-reality series in which four couples compete to renovate four dilapidated houses in a very upmarket suburb – room by room, week by week, challenge by challenge – and sell them at auction for the highest price.

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Favourite Couple?
Stacy & Adam 8553 ( 35.42 % )
Lisa & Ribz 6703 ( 27.76 % )
Ethan & Sam 8647 ( 35.81 % )
Soph & Mikaere 244 ( 1.01 % )


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The theme song, “nah nah nah nah nah” is really appropriate, as most of the contestants act like children! Just like previous seasons, I can’t believe the petty behavior that goes on. Grow up Teams purple and yellow!

Martine Connor
Martine Connor

Agree, I am really enjoying this year’s my house rules, as nowhere near the same drama just generally nice people getting on with it


You’re so right! I’m a big fan of House Rules,too and agree they are so much more considerate of each other. Even The Block Australia doesn’t get this nasty! Some of this behavior makes me squirm!!

Jan Brent
Jan Brent

I agree totally. When I see people complaining online about Lisa or Carly on House Rules I think, Seriously??? Those women are nice and not a bit catty like the backstabbing mean girls in apts 1 and 2 on The Block NZ. I have to fast forward every time either one them is on. Can’t stand the way they create drama and are constantly smirking and gossiping about apt 4.


I’m so sick of Sophie being bullied by Lisa and Stacy. And don’t get me started on Amy!
What a nightmare! Hated her last year, hated her even more, this year.
Hate Lisa almost as much.
And I am SO disappointed with Stacy and Adam.
Seems to me that they misinterpret everything, because they are too busy gossiping and worrying about Apt 4. No wonder they can’t seem to get anything done, themselves.


I think all the couples are poor choices. They are actually quite boring. But I have to say, after exposing the returning couple for working pass tools down. It was kind of nice to see Sophia and her hubby get caught doing the same thing. Karma is a bitch. Lisa is trying to be the next Jess ( from last year). And it just is not working for her. Dam I miss Jess. I hope I have the right show, It could be the block Australia. But I have to admit , I sure thought the wrong couple won